Why Premium

I created a Premium site for members only paying just $10 per month. You will get the weekly Stocks List to trade and view my $1M Portfolio Updates. If you noticed my website is advertisement free. I personally do not like seeing lots of adverts on other people’s blogs so I decided to go advertisement free.

The strategies I have been using smashes the market in the long term. Check out The Money Making Machine for details. All I am asking is $10 monthly subscription in order to get access to these amazing stocks. You are most likely to get your return on investment on your first week. And if you do not like it you can can cancel it so all you risk is $10. You can check out Week Summary category to find out strategy’s live performance. I am doing trade every Friday 19:30 Dubai time (One hour after US stock market session open). When I do my automated trade following the strategy, my script calculates the weekly return of each stock, draws a Graph since we started tracking (Week 4 of 2020) then posts that info to Weekly Summary . Another blog post goes to the main site mraxefinance.com showing the performance graph. These are all automated so I show you everything in full transparency.

For the payment system I decided to use Patreon which I came across on some YouTube channels. For ex Kurzgesagt has 10.9M subscribers and 13500 members in Patreon paying a min of $2. That is not a bad return per month.

Patreon has more than 4 Million members. As I am just starting my website so I thought people would trust to an established brand and payment system like Patreon rather than my own. Patreon manages memberships, payments, locking and unlocking content in the premium site. I think it is a good start. If you want to become my Patron, follow the steps below;

  1. Go to Premium Site
  2. You will see a content as similar to this

3. Click on UNLOCK WITH PATREON button

4. You will be redirected to Patreon website. You can sign up with Google, Facebook or by typing manually your username and password.

5. You will view the page like this.

6. Note that default Patreon page displays $5 by default you need to change that to $10 as I only have one custom pledge level that requires a min of $10 subscription.

7. Fill in either the Credit Card fields or Paypal info. Once you completed the payment you will be redirected to the my Premium site with content unlocked.